Post Arangetram

Natyarpana Dance Company is particularly well-known for its offering of post-arangetram classes. In recognizing growth as lifelong and perpetually dynamic, Natyarpana offers students who complete their arangetram the rare opportunity to become part of a select performing troupe which tours the world. Students who have completed their arangetrams have undergone further conditioning and training to perform solo shows across the globe. They are regulars in the Chennai music and dance festivals every year. The extremely passionate and dedicated students receive the opportunity to do the teachers training program in Natyarpana. Two of Natyarpana’s post arangetram students Radhika Shrivastava and Ramya Kapadia have founded off shoots of Natyarpana in CT and NC.

Additional students have received awards and recognition through the state and a students’ scope and capacity for growth is limitless.