Shri Rama Katha Sudha

cleveland aaradhana 2016 2A multi – genre production by Natyarpana Dance Company featuring 50 + performers with live musical ensemble woven around the heroic tale of prince Rama and his loyal wife Sita – a metaphor about the triumph of good over evil. Sita is abducted by the giant Ravana and carried to his palace at Lanka. In his search for his wife Sita, Rama receives assistance from the Vanara (monkey), Hanuman, who burns Ravana’s palace and restores princess Sita to her husband. This is a tale that originates from India. The first reference to the story of Ramayana in South East Asia was in a sixth century inscription in Cambodia. Today, the Ramayana story is performed in a variety of art forms throughout the world. Shri Rama Kathasudha weaves an English narrative with the enthralling musical cleveland aaradhana 2016 3compositions of one of India’s great saints of the early 18th century,Oothukkadu Venkata Kavi [1] and one of India’s contemporary Spiritual Masters, His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji to enunciate the greatness of Lord Rama. This production was premiered on November 21 2015 at the New Berlin West PAC.



Choreography & Direction : Kripa Baskaran Music score: Srividya Ganesan and Swaminathan Nadarajan
Vocals: Swaminathan Nadarajan
Vocal backing: Kripa Baskaran and Priya Meenakshisundaram

Veena: Srividya Ganesan
Mridangam: Ethirajan Ramanujam

Flute: Kalpathi Vidyaraman
Artists: Students of Natyarpana Dance Company
Show promo videos : Alternate Dimension

Natyarpana was invited to perform Shri Rama Katha Sudha at the prestigious Cleveland Thyagaraja Aaradhana in April 2016 amidst art scholars and artists and received great critical acclaim.

cleveland aaradhana 2016 4 

Nattuvangam: Kripa Baskaran, Vocal: Vanitha Suresh, Violin: Swaminathan
Nadarajan, Veena: Srividya Ganesan, Mridangam: Ethirajan Ramajujam.

On June 2016, the production was taken to the 3M theater at the Minnesota Historical Museum Theater for a fund raiser event organized by the Global Organization for Divinity in collaboration with the Flute ‘n Feather Dance Company directed by Smt.Priya Murali and performed with dancers from across the US who were selected through a national audition.

Nattuvangam: Kripa Baskaran and Priya Murali, Voal: Vinod Krishnan,
Mridangam: Sriram Nadarajan, Ghatam/Khanjira: Balaji Chandran,
Edakkya/Chandai: Sriram Natarajan and Balaji Chandran and Veenai: Arthi Nadhan


Nauka Charitram

nauka charitram 2“Nauka Charitram” (story of the boat) is a masterpiece by the 17th century philosopher Saint Tyagaraja. It is a musical opera, a metaphor for life that emphasizes the importance of setting aside ego, selfish attachments to the mortal bodies and surrender to the ultimate in order be unite with the ultimate.

This production was premiered at the Milwaukee Thyagaraja Aaradhana held at the Hindu Temple of Wisconsin on MAY 03, 2015

Duration: 1.15 hours
Choreography & Direction: Kripa Baskaran
Performers: Kripa Baskaran,Giridhar Raghunathan (Disciple of Supriya Ravikumar) and Students of Kripa Baskaran: Ramya Kapadia, Mahalakshmi, Srinivasan, Deepa Reghuram, Meenakshi Nagarajan, Priyadarshini Meenakshi Sundaram, Govardhini Babu (Disciple of Ramya Kapadia) and Suri Venkataraman.


Vocals: Sri Soumya Varanasi, Srividya Yagnaraman & Ananya Rajaraman nauka charitram 4
Violin and Cymbals: Swaminathan Nadarajan
Veena: Srividya Ganesan
Mridangam: Ethirajan Ramanujam
Stage props: Vidya Rajaraman
Lights: Fritz Stietzer

Promo Pictures and Video: Subhash Anchan

This production was staged the second time on JUNE 25, 2016 for the Hindu Temple of Wisconsin Maha Kumbabishekam finale by HTW.

Performers: Giridhar Raghunathan (Disciple of Supriya Ravikumar), Bhavya Kumaran (Disciple of Sowmya Kumaran, IL) and the students of Kripa
Baskaran : Priyadarshini Meenakshisundaram, Ragashree Komandur, Aiesha Anchan, Priyanka Iyer, Madhavi Mani and Suri Venkataraman

Nattuvangam: Kripa Baskarannauka charitram 5

Vocals: Sri Soumya Varanasi and Vanitha Suresh
Violin: Swaminathan Nadarajan
Mridangam: Ethirajan Ramanujam

Stage Props : Vidya Rajaraman
Lights: Fritz Stiezer

Promo Pictures and Videos: Shubash Anchan




Krishna Smaranam

priya suriThe effervescence of Lord Krishna, the pulchritude of gopikas, the adoration of mother Yashoda and the jubilance of the residents of gokulam depicted through Krishna Smaranam with the reverberating charm of the musical notes with pristine choreography and breathtaking costumes.
Duration: 1.15 hours
Eight member ensemble with live orchestra
Premiered in Bangalore at the World Dance Alliance, Bangalore – 2009
Mylapore Fine Arts – December 2009DSC_0007
Vani Mahal – December 2009
Orchestra:kripa 12
Nattuvangam: Prasanna, Rakesh
Vocal: Mohan, Vasuda Balu
Veena: J.K. Shridar
Flute: Jayaraman
Mridangam: S.V.Balakrishna






ramya kripa

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